Social Law & CSR

Social law becomes more complex with the normative development. Alongside the law establishing the labor code, the general collective agreement and sectoral agreements, the world of labor law, in Benin and elsewhere, is enriched with new provisions. Understanding these texts for regulatory compliance by companies is not easy. Thus, our firm offers to support the human resources departments and the legal departments of companies to prevent legal risks and help them find satisfactory legal solutions to the problems that arise between employers and employees. More specifically, the firm supports you in terms of:

– Advice and assistance during the conclusion of an employment contract, amendments and the development of the contractual employment relationship.

– Assistance in dismissal procedures, negotiated departures, transactions …

– Assistance in setting up and monitoring international working relationships such as expatriation.

The Firm has the skills to assists you in your various projects on aspects related to Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG principles.

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